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Old logs II

3 March: Traded Debt18 to Arianne for Flame14. Won Younger04, Twinstar15, Hre10 and Apostle02 in Beauty Pageant 43. Used Acrophobia16, Diligent03, Library06, Delinquent06, Flower05, Heart04, Pinkpearl20, Antisocial10 and Nerd07 in Pot of Gold 18. Won Achoo04, Klutz05, Engrish01, Serena01, Beloved03, Batanima16, Algorithm16, 2-320, Viera17, Curerhythm08, Pyo04, Loyalty05, Apologize13, Schwert06, Curry15, Over900010, Pistol10, University18, Safety19, Gynoid03, Hope12, Kaminomimi09, Clowndrop01, Curewhite20, Unwavering09, Ukraine04, Scorpio20, Bread01, Glomp09, Kendama09, two blue, one brown crayon and the Grand Prize - Donate a Special Deck - in Pot of Gold 18. Traded Curry15 to Aniki for Doctor11. Won Nature20 and Wolfbeil15 in Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 78. Took Fullmetal01, Rebel02/11, Shinsou07/08/17, Tartarus06 and Witch01/04/12 from Recycled Art.

6 March: Traded Funeral04 to Tsubaki for Dullahan18. Won University11 and Sergeant18 in Conan's Clues 82. Got Savate01, Silent17, Mars10 and a gray crayon for donating a deck - Maps. Got Heroine14, World11, Entrails06 and a purple crayon for donating a deck - Dorm. Got Engagement10, Adore03, Idiot17, Innocent17 and a purple crayon for reaching a new level - Tangerine.

8 March: Took Landlady13, Myths07, Basketballs01, Cantonese05, Toys18, Poppo03, Harmony11, Unknown04 and Bicycle03 from Release 23. Traded Cantonese05 to KellieDee for Basketballs02. Traded Myths07 to Raven for Basketballs04. Traded Unknown04 to Origami for Fullmetal09. Traded Poppo03 to Emma Basketballs06.

18 March: Used Baldy20, Brat19, Directior17, Fan08 and Homophobe04 in Lottery 18. Won Cavalry20, Blindfold17, a yellow, a gray crayon and the grand prize - + 1 card for each sketchpad - in Lottery 18. Won Hyourinmaru20, Daisy19 and Lovey-dovey20 in PickaColor41. Won Troy10 and Brewery03 in Art Lessons With Rukia 91. Took After03/04/06/07/08/09, Clueless03/04 and Sin10 from Recycled Art. Traded Harmony11 to Noxie for Basketballs07. Won Lieutenant05 and Gsleague19 in Neku's Music Station 83. Traded Landlady13 to Aru for Headbutler20. Traded Toys18 to Tsubaki for Basketballs05. Switched Television05 for Television04 in Switch it up 46. Won Toran08, Evolver20 and Godofdeath01 in Pokeradar82. Traded Clerk20, Frigid07, Godhand10, Lancecorp02, Meteor04/14 and Mu16 to Nuge for Boxer14, Caution02/20, Drugs10, Memorized18, Orpheus05 and Witch10. Won Kind09, Lighter11 and Ptrd-4116 in Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 82. Won Author06 and Endless12 in Oshawott's Clues 83. Won Isolated14 and Heroine15 in Guess The Color 87. Won Flameking16 and Cyber15 in Host Club Giveaway 43. Won Crossdress01 and Kiyohime03 in Guess The Color 86. Got Eyeshadow16, Soccer10 and Juliet08 for donating a Pick a Color banner. Took Seiryuu03 from Release 23. Traded Klutz05, Safety19 and Spaz15 to Wing for Headbutler09, Myths18 and Shinsou19.

20 March: Won Stardragon11, Scythes07 and Twinstar16 in Neku's Music Station 84. Traded Nyo17 to Allmia for Windom18.

26 March: Took After12/15/17/18/20, Drugs13/18, Headbutler05 and Uncle01/04 from Recycled Art. Won Genma12 and Novice05 in Conan's Clues 84.

27 March: Traded Amahara06, Blindfold17, Curator05, Curator13, Flameking05, Flameking16, Focused16, Gentle16, Mars10, Mechanic06, Obsession18, Odyssey09, Piano18, Rival11, Skyking02, Slave11, Slave19, Trumpet15, Viola01, Whiteclown01, Wildflower03, World11, Younger01 and Younger04 to Origami for 1stchild17, Austria13, Boss02, Cain08, Chivalry11, Delinquent20, Ditz10, England19, Flash17, Generation04, Goggles06, Halberd09, Information19, Keyblade06, Lie13, Manipulate01, Parasite01, Sadist10, Shaolin04, Silvana03, Squats20, Superior17, Symmetry08 and Faintattack19. Traded Gaebolg12 to Myde for Tartarus12. Traded Whirlwind13/19 to Jiyu for Innocent09 and Steak09. Traded Cruel18, Cyber15 and Juliet08 to Moon for Junes03/19 and Steak19. Traded Apostle02, Automail20, Elegant14, Nature20 and University11/14/18 to KellieDee for Author10, Vincent01, Clueless02, Dullahan09, Isshu03, Masamune05 and Rebel04. Won Avenge02 and Knowledge02 in Guess The Color 88. Won Pipe12 in Go Fish84. Won Secter01 and Mushi15 in Guess The Color 85. Won Monta11 and Hachiko03 in Host Club Giveaway 42. Won Tuxedo06, Akabari20, Squats20, Revenge09, Demonqueen16, Maxter19 and Rare01 in Seiyuu Guess 82. Won Courage14 and Magedom16 in Spare Parts 78. Won Zanarkand16 and Vector01 in Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 82. Won Determined01, Kiyohime11, Claw01, Padlock07 and Darkboots02 in Graffiti 44. Traded Kiseru19 to Ouji for Ember14. Traded Information19 to Hitomi for Flame20. Got Meimei17 and Aikido05 from Myde as gifts.

29 March: Traded Baldy05 to Chikky for After09. Traded Complex02 to Chuu for Boxer05. Traded Ciaossu14 to Pam for Hourinmaru11. Traded Curewhite20 and Windom18 to Aru for Aikido07 and Jokes02. Traded Kind09 to Nerrin for Oracle15. Traded Keyblade06 to Remus for Bicycle10.

30 March: Traded Sirix11 to Lucathia for After13.

31 March: Traded Jewel18 to Kikai for Drugs09. Traded Monta11 to Sylwia for Quack11. Traded Summoner06 to Raven for Cry02. Traded Brewery03 to Aru for Aikido04.

10 April: Won Ariadoney17 and Nyo06 in Host Club Giveaway 44. Won Egoist07 and Kijin19 in Conan's Clues 85. Won Classical06 and Boss05 in Pokeradar 85. Took After05, Aikido04, Cry01 and Motorcycle10 from Recycled Art. Traded Amnesiac11 to Zags for Rebel16. Won Genome10 and Information07 in Art Lessons with Rukia 95. Traded Seiryuu03 to Ka-chan for Basketballs08. Traded Lieutenant05 to Aletha for After16. Traded Beatjumper05 to Eri for Boxer10. Got Blindfold03, Firstroom05, Silent03, Ousaka02, Ally03, Nerd04, Believe11, Social10, Driving14, Armblade06, Trumpet07, Nerd20, Bishi03, Kiss12, License06, Cats'ndogs01, Brave05, Whaleshark10, Tomboyish14, Yamato01, Diamonddust02, Irritated19, Backlace11, Stardust15, a red, an orange, two green, a purple and three gray crayons for completing 8 sketchpads. Got Armored04, Deadpan04, Games12, Whispered09 and an orange crayon for submitting a fic. Got Newrecruit19, Marshmallow13, Blunt20 and an orange crayon for submitting a fic. Won Fuukan02 and Editor03 in Conan's Clues 86. Won Chozu11, Nude09 and Oblivion18 in Seiyuu Guess 84. Won Thepaper02, Kita16 and Anaru09 in Reading Between The Lines 48. Won Unicorn09, Corpses06 and Ouroboros04 in Ryoga's Directions 45. Used Achoo04, Cain08, Director12, Herbs01 and Squats20 in Lottery 19. Won Principal19, Akagami02 and the grand prize - +1 card for masteries - in Lottery 19. Traded Blackknight01, Cybele04, Nindou01, Pinkpearl19, Scorpio20, Silent17 and Stardragon11 to Nuge for Clueless17, Cousin03, Death11/16, Flame12, Masamune18 and Witch14. Traded 1stlt03, Conquest15, Mushi15, Toran08 and Ukraine04 to Elphie for Izanagi04, Junes06, Death04 and Arcana09/17. Traded Kita16 to Nerrin for Quack06.

29 April: Took Burglar12, Needles04, Open04, Page06, Gamevil16, End03 and Messiah04/20 from release 24. Traded Needles04 and Open04 to Myde for Uncle03/20. Gifted Page06 and Gamevil16 to Myde. Traded Crow16, License06 and Motorcycle14 to Zags for Caution15, Clueless11 and Drugs05. Used Jokes02, Cry02, After09, Bicycle10, Author10, Vincent01, Meimei17 and Aikodo04/05/07 in Pot of Gold 19. Won Shippudash17, Lion09, Ditz19, Heian10, Aikido02, Soujutsu09, Arcana08, Ratsbane03, Lemonade18, Vaa01, Hungary12, Connect12, Cyborg08, Resolute17, Headbutler01, Deliver06, Tenbyhorin20, Brave17, Monster17, Antares13, Cherry06, Cuarta04, Breaker20, Timid07, Swimming07, Salamander16, Maid20, Suit15, a pruple, an orange, two yellow crayons and the grand prize (+1 extra 0range or brown character deck donation) in Pot of Gold 19. Won Busted17, Food14 and Chibikko17 in Poke Radar 87. Won Sogeking10 and Sadako11 in Host Club Giveaway 45. Won Unrequited11 and Faithful15 in Spare Parts 81. Won Keyblade03 in Pick a Color 43.

19 May: Took Bandit01, Burglar12, Capsule01, Chomechome08, Four01, Grandkid01, Human01, Saiyawoman01 and Thunderbolt19 from Release 25 - May. Traded Burglar12 to Aru for Innocent03. Gifted Bandit01, Capsule01, Chomechome08, Grandkid01, Human01 and Saiyawoman01 to Aru.

7 June: Traded End03 to Nerrin for Kind09. Won Varna05 and Literature02 in Guess the Color 91. Won Nun20, Blank02, Trinisette13 and Upbeat01 in Neku's Music Station 82. Won Trailblazer04 and Desserts07 in Shadow Watching With Shikamaru 86. Won Turkey05 in Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 87. Won Headband19 and Rookie17 in Host Club Giveaway 46. Won Boxer03 and Gekko08 in Art Lessons With Rukia 98. Won Bakushin05 and Bon18 in Shadow Watching With Shikamaru 87. Won Chivalry01, Viola01 and Housewife16 in Guess The Color 44. Won Babylon20, Sun09 and Kira07 in Pokeradar 88. Won Flash16, Melchsee01 and Hero04 in Scrapbook 37. Got Marry06, Inferior09, Tonkotsu12 and a red crayon for donating a deck - Saiyawoman. Got Achoo10, Symmetry09, Sensible17 and a blue crayon for donating a deck - Capsule. Got Fork08, Adolescent18, Hanjyuu02 and a blue crayon for donating a deck - Bandit. Won Kijin05 and Love19 in Host Club Giveaway 47. Won Savate02, Verbose04 and Tiger10 in Scrapbook 39. Got Newkama18, Shades02, Cowbell04 and a blue crayon for donating a deck - Entertainer. Got Avarice04, Caduceus03, Capsule19 and a yellow crayon for donating a deck - Shooter. Traded Lithuania12 to Kiss for Clueless13. Won America06 and Countdown01 in Anniversary Day 1. Won Editor08, Bomb02 and Countdown04 in Anniversary Day 4.

8 June: Got Cocky03, Dreams20, Explosives18, Innocent16 and a purple crayon for reaching new level - lemon. Traded Lorelei04, Symmetry08/09, Tenseiga11 and Uncute19 to Nuge for Caution02/05, Cousin12, Masamune16 and Orpheus12.

13 June: Won Cute10, Fire08 and Chocobo02 in Guess The Color 47. Took Clueless05/09/10/12/14 and Rebel10 from Recycled Art.

17 June: Traded Bokken13 and Peacock10/11 to Miyako for Hyourinmaru14, Television10 and Uncle14. Traded Antares13, Bakushin05, Egoist07, Elemental11, Genome10, Kaminomimi09, Lunatic17, Moe12, Stardust15 and Thorn04 to Nerrin for Bass13, Future14, Headbutler15, Library15, Orenji13, Powder03/09, Witch08, Ember04 and Icebeam02.

27 June: Used Upbeat01, Balut03 and Brave17 in Anniversary Day 12. Won Blackcat17, Nonexistent05, Oblivion17, Bear07, Engaged18, Buddha05 and Countdown12. Won Icefairy04 and Countdown02 in Anniversary Day 02. Won Disinfect20, Xiv05 and Countdown11 in Anniversary Day 11. Traded Kind09 for Stake01 at Switch it Up 52. Won Bushido10 and Countdown03 in Anniversary Day 3. Won Cain03, Connect19, Koori09 and Countdown05. Won Gadgets02 and Rumors06 in Guess The Color 101. Traded Redeyes05 to Aletha for Headbutler16. Traded Faintattack19 and Oblivion18 to Aru for Rebel01/20. Traded Capsule19, Future14, Icebeam02 and Powder03/09 to Aru for Bicycle11, Dullahan11, Headbutler14, Myths19 and Library01. Won Cocky04 and Countdown17 in Anniversary Day 17. Won Cynical14, Parfait03, Robin10, Human16, Maestro06, Countdown19, a yellow and a green crayon in Anniversary Day 19. Won Hostess19 and Leap03 in Spare Parts 91. Won Foxmagic16, Gretel13 and Countdown07 in Anniversary Day 7. Won Trapnest10, Runesage01 and Countdown09 in Anniversary Day 9. Won 4-dpocket04, Kyotouryuu04, Erokappa09, Intuition16 and Countdown13 in Anniversary Day 13. Won Eins16, Uranus10, Goggles15, Risotto16 and Countdown16 in Anniversary Day 16. Won Mu03, Bleep09 and Countdown18 in Anniversary Day 18. Won only Skydragon19 in Anniversary Day 6 ;;. Won Crane19 and Diligent08 in Art Lessons With Rukia 107. Won Cocky04 and Indifferent15 in Guess The Color 48. Traded Classical06, Food14, Heroine14 and Shippudash17 to Hitomi for Caution03/06, Flame16 and Memorized04.

30 June: Took Apollo20, Gal05, Goodluck05, Worms16, Affable18, Pigeons02, Saga12, Supermodel04, Bluegrad05, Cosplay19 and Steak02 from Release 26. Traded Apollo20 to Hitomi for Fullmetal16. Traded Bluegrad05 to Nomi for Hyper05. Traded Gal05 and Goodluck05 to Lita for After14 and Flame05. Traded Worms16 to Miru for Messiah17. Traded Affable18 to Myde for After02. Traded Pigeons02 to Noxie for Hyper10.

10 July: Traded Over900007/10 and Saga11 to Aru for Cousin02, Masamune17 and Sin20. Won Christmas14, Sensei03, Zelda16 and Countdown08 in Anniversary Day 8. Won Asset18, Brush15 and Countdown10 in Anniversary Day 10. Won Artist18, Joker13, Cure Passion20, Pointer15, Skyking11, Conquer05, Meruru02, Eternal14, Suit02, Innocent08, Countdown15 and a blue crayon in Anniversary Day 15. Traded Inadequate08 and Asset07 to Miru for Countdown06 and Tartarus16. Used Daisy19, Cocky03, Assassin07, Redeyes08 and Austria13 in Anniversary Day 15. Won Reiki17 and Ki01 in Go Fish 100. Won Karaya10, Touchthis04, Obsession13 and a red crayon in Anniversary Day 20. Traded Inferior09 and Sunshine10/20 to Senren for Memorized08/12/15. Won Bondage16, Artist13 and Countdown14 in Anniversary Day 14. Won Windom08 and Guild20 in Host Club Giveaway 51. Won Mask02, Workaholic15, Otomen05 and Countdown20 in Anniversary Day 21.

29 July: Took Champion10, Glory03, Vassal08, Whitemage04 and Orange07 from Release 27. Traded Vassal08 and Whitemage04 to Syn for Izanagi07 and Tactless08. Traded Orange07, Love19, Music18 and Tattoo02 to Zags for Steak16, Bass05, Myths10 and Otoko17. Traded Champion10 to Raven for Tartarus01. Traded Artist13, Bomb02, Conquer05, Disinfect20, Gekko08, Human16 to Aru for Drugs08, Izanagi01, Television06 and Uncle08/17/19. Won Chupa20, Ore-sama12, a yellow and a gray crayon in Pokeradar 100. Won Folklore08 and Vermouth19 in Spare Parts 94. Won Contract04, Caution15, Violence12, Automail20 and Unrequited01 in Guess The Color 50. Won Rebel04, Shirogamon19 and Death20 in Miria and Isaac's Costume Party.

1 August: Traded Ouroborus04 to Miru for Orpheus19.

6 August: Took Lightblue20 from Release 27. Traded Lightblue27 to Aisu for Oracle12.

7 August: Gifted Lemonade18, Patch14, Peach03, Troy10 and Vermouth19 to Aby.

10 August: Got Bandages06, Lazy06, Hope15 and a blue crayon for donating a deck - Shingetsu. Got Maihme18, Bellflower14, Butt19 and a yellow crayon for donating a deck - Parasol. Won Silhouettes16 and Guns11 in Pick a Color 51. Used 2-320, Blindfold13, Cocky04, Sadako11 and Soft01 in Lottery 23. Won Dense06, Hydrangea12, Child10 and Golem16. Traded Beli01 to Ari for Witch09. Traded Isolated14 to Kikai for Headbutler19.

12 August: Used Engrish01 in Colors Olympics Game 5. Gifted Esper05 and Keyblade03 to Dany.

13 August: Took Clueless20, Drugs03, Oracle18 and Oranges02/12 from Recycled Art. Traded Boss02/05, Brush15, Brushgods11, Hawkeyes15, Heian10, Peternal13 and Ussocom01 to Kuri for Appearance18, Capture16, Dance18, Human08, Kidnap10, Nonexistent01, Sommelier14 and Suit16. Traded Magedom16 and Oblivion17 to Aru for Immortal17 and Memories13. Traded Orenji13 to Raven for Golem17. Gifted Memories13 and Golem17 to Kikai.

16 August: Traded Immortal17 to Dany for Exorcist04. Used Chozo01 in Colors League Game 9. Used Revenge09 in Color's Relay.

19 August: Got Fullmetal03/07 from Kikai.

22 August: Won Allsunday16 and Eon18 in Guess The Color 107. Got Sealand20 and Kamatari08 in Host Club Giveaway 54. Used Bikes02, Graywolf13 and Sultry10 in Colors Olympics Game 9. Won Curemuse17, Hyperactive13, Medic03, Charismatic15, Toran07 and Knives03 in Colors Olympics Game 9. Donated Frog03, Diamonddust02 and Housewife16 to Colors Olympics Game 10. Used Eclipse03 in Colors Olympics Game 5. Got Innocent05/14, Messiah01/05/07/10/12/13/16/18, Bicycle06/07/14 and Headbutler12/13/17/18 from Art Shop for 10 red, 3 brown and 4 gray crayons. Gifted Aura07 and Guide08 to Dany.

28 December: Mastered Bicycle. Mastered Innocent. Mastered Messiah. Mastered Headbutler. Mastered Countdown. Got Hyperactive02, Tonkotsu06, Fireball20, Domination16, Nonchalant12, Van04, Bigpuppy08, Klarerwind12, Eyelashes05, Bondage08, Boxer15/16/17/18, a yellow, a green, a blue, a purple and a gray crayon and Guitar01/02/03/04/05/06/07/08/09/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20 for mastering Bicycle, Innocent, Messiah, Headbutler and Countdown. Mastered Guitar. Won Nests15, Feathers20, Deathscythe20, Windor10 and an orange crayon in Colors Olympics - Game 10. Traded 4-dpocket to Arianne for Oracle01. Gifted Eight09, Omega12, Paprika01, Seventeen18 and Windom08 to Arianne. Won Theend04 in Colors Olympics - Game 9. Won Particle01, Harmonica16, Dollie18 and French12 in Colors Olympics - Game 8. Won Zura10, Conquer10, Pomegranate13, Bell18, Vigilante13, Tsunpo07, Cubes03, Kita02, Heart15, Counselor11, Mercenary11, a blue and a gray crayon for Team Mikan scoring second in Colors Olympics. Won Touchthis17, Loveme18 and Madao13 in Pokeradar 106. Won Swallow02 in Miria and Isaac's cosplay party 106. Won Manba08, Yami09, Crossdress15 and a red crayon in Colors Olympics - Game 3. Won Second20 and Dialect04 in Pokeradar 107. Traded Runesage01 to Nuge for Hypnosis10. Traded Kendama01, Newrecruit19, Protect04 and Robin10 to Elphie for Memorized07, Bass14, Library18 and Oranges06. Won Stigma05, Sand12, Bigsister07, Solarhands15, Otoko01, Shibuya08 and two purple crayons in Colors Olympics - Game 6. Won Pidgeons10, Cgi19 and Average04 in Colors Olympics - Game 1. Won Advisor20, Six08 and Magic05 in Reading Between The Lines 58. Won Aikido09, Beaker20 and Apprentice20 in Pick a Color 53. Won Bakeneko09 and Feather19 in Host Club Giveaway 55. Got Page02, Refined18, Antique09 and a purple crayon for donating Prosthetic. Got Masked07, Harpnote03, Selfless18 and a red crayon for donating Galge. Won Bracelets18, Eleven05, Butt02 and Archer07 in Pick a Color 54. Won Allsunday01, Magma07 and Rise11 in Colors Olympics - Game 4. Won Gullible18 and D-hero19 in Spare Parts 96. Won Romaantiqua19, Saiyaman20, Moodmaker19, Glass16, Zephyr09 and Dynamo05 in Colors olympics - Game 7. Won Icebeam19, Lightblue15, Alcohol10, Room01, Geika11 and Wish20 in Colors Olympics - Game 5. Won Bond06 and Curiosity09 in Go Fish 113. Won Piercings01, Raven09, S-hall11, Sealand17, Yasako08 and a brown crayon in Spare Parts 100. Got Balut09, Status20, Stern01 and an orange crayon for birthday! Won Rabi18 and Foxmagic03 in Shadow Watching With Shikamaru 109. Won Innkeeper01 and Unwritten12 in Host Club Giveaway 61. Took Zaibatsu10, Irontail11, Cryogenic19, Cliff19, Gene19, Seasalt01, Prosthetic01, Muga01 and Wildlion01 from Release 29. Took Charismatic06, Labcoat01 and Fashion08 from Release 28. Traded Zaibatsu10, Cryogenic19, Cliff19 and Gene19 to Raven for Steak07, Orpheus08 and Fashion04/10. Got Boxer01 from Advent Calendar - Day 1. Got Tartarus03 from Advent Calendar - Day 2. Got Boxer08 from Advent Calendar - Day 4. Got Fashion02/03 from Advent Calendar - Day 5. Got Fashion05 from Advent Calendar - Day 6. Got Boxer07 and Entertainer01 from Advent Calendar - Day 7. Got Boxer11 from Advent Calendar - Day 9.

29 December: Got After11 from Advent Calendar - Day 14. Got Television11 from Advent Calendar - Day 15. Got Witch16 from Advent Calendar - Day 16. Got Boxer20 and Hero10 from Advent Calendar - Day 17. Got Answer12 and Hero12 from Advent Calendar - Day 20. Got Fashion20 and Hero17 from Advent Calendar - Day 23. Got Witch15 and Clueless15 from Advent Calendar - Day 24. Got Answer03, Clueless01, Witch07 and Hero06 from Advent Calendar - Day 25. Gifted Cannon03 to Heather. Took Fengshui20, Mugen20, Sakanade17, Bright17, Bullfighter20, Psychopath19 and Dragonrage19 from Release 32. Traded Dragonrage19, Hungary12, Kamatari08 and Trinisette13 to Moon for Basketballs03, Caution08, Steak06 and Witch20. Traded Mugen20 and Sakanade17 to Myde for Basketballs17 and Arcana20. Traded Bright17 to Fel for Tactless12. Traded Appearance18, Bushido10, Cain03 and Dynamo05 to Raven for Fashion14, Sohcahtoa03/15 and Witch17. Traded Misfortune11 to Heather for Tune03. Gifted Vector01 to Heather. Gifted Fengshui20 to Aru.

30 December: Traded Psychopath19 to Lita for Hypnosis07.

1 January: Got Lithuania04, Ero-cook15, Genius05, Boxer13 and a yellow crayon for reaching a new level - Lime. Traded Meruru02 to Noxie for Sin15.

11 January: Took Drums14, Hyourinmaru17, Sin05/12, Sohcahtoa02/06/13/18 and Witch13/18 from Recycled Art. Won Chain17, Marshmallow09 and Edison09 in Advent Calendar - Day 2. Won Eins11 and Fuhrer08 in Advent Calendar - Day 9. Won Celestial06 in Advent Calendar - Day 14. Won an orange crayon at Advent Calendar - Day 22. Won Headmaster20 and Contacts06 in Host Club Giveaway 63. Won Roseprince01, Tea05 and Babylon16 in Advent Calendar Day 15. Won Chevalier09, Headmaster12, Stubborn14 and Kalu13 in Pokeradar 125. Won Jokes11 and Marry06 in Advent Calendar - Day 16. Won Precise18 and Mateba13 in Art Lessons With Rukia 134. Won Gekko12, Tsuruko14, India08 and a gray crayon in Quilting 36. Won Novelist13, Ooparts09 and Dum20 in Pick a Color 62. Got Pride08, Pomegranate11, Snail01 and a blue crayon for donating a deck - Hamster. Got Adolescent10, Windor13, Cheerful08 and an orange crayon for donating a deck - Lost. Won Grafeisen12 in Go Fish 127. Got Stressed19 from Aru as a gift.

19 January: Took Hamster01, Surfing05, Regina05, Talented11, Intention07 and 5stars05 from Release 33. Traded Mu03 to Fel for Hamster13. Traded Cannon03 to Heather for Hamster10. Traded Stressed19 to Lita for Hamster14. Traded Surfing05 to Kuri for Hamster02. Traded Television19 to Netbug for Hamster12. Traded Regina05 to Meru for Hamster04. Traded Lithuania04 to Muri for Labcoat19. Traded Babylon20, Contacts06, Fabulous16, Savate03, Tsukihime18, and Windor10/13 to Lita for Arcana15, Junes20, Library02, Masamune02/15, Oranges04 and Supermodel06. Traded Marshmallow09 and Second20 to Moon for Basketballs16/18. Traded Aries14 to Bao for Fashion12.

20 January: Traded Akabari20, Asset18, Believe11, Cynical14, Golem16, Irritated19, Itadakimasu06, Janken04, Ogredemon13, Symmetry15 and Violence12 to Chianna for Arrogant08, Cannon05, Devon05, Fashion06, Gsleague04, Irontail05, Keybladde16, Maidcafe02, Math17, Oceanwave10 and Tackle01. Won Slave06 and Dollie06 in Host Club Giveaway 64. Traded Engagement10, Libra06 and Sagittarius01 to Bao for Eleventh18, Mako05 and Submit17. Traded Ability08, Batanima16, Brushgods18, Daisy09, Dum29, Fireball20, Hydrangea12, Lacytanga18, Masked07, Nakochi10, Neshitteru08, Obsession13, Particle01, Piercings01, Rare01, Sun09 and Windom20 to Sealand for Sohcahtoa09, Assertive01, Cabbage02, Castle06, Eyeshadow04, Glass13, Guns05, Hyperion18, Jokes15, Math14, Nonexistent20, Reliable20, Scythe04, Sin14, Volleyball19, Vest20 and Witch18. Traded Contract04 to Ren for Acrobat16. Traded Eyelashes05 and Secondroom03 to Chuu for Doctor12/19. Traded Intention07 to Sealand for Hamster03. Used Brat09, Chupa20, Kind09, Otomen05 and Sparrow04 in Lottery 28. Won Status14, Nude05, Unrequited20, Takeover10, Curerouge12, Tsynshun01 and a gray crayon in Lottery 28. Traded Allsunday16, Kijin17 and Silent03 to Aletha for Drugs16, Necessarius03 and Shinsou12. Took Lost04 and Orojya06 from Release 33. Traded Orojya06 to Aletha for Hamster06. Traded Blackcat17, Misandry18 and Stealth16 to Ka-chan for Witch02, Rebel18 and Zero14?.

21 January: Traded Talented11 to Ka-chan for Hamster05. Traded 5stars05 to Myde for Hamster09. Took Acrophobia04, Bass03/12, Oranges01/17, Phones01/09/16/18 and Scythe05 from Recycled Art. Won Feminine16 and Siva12 in Pick a Color 63.

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naoto - hero

Persona 3 & 4 Mass Collection 364/520

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ORACLE 15/20 STEAK 14/20

ANSWER 15/20 JUNES 11/20

HERO 17/20 DEATH 4/20




UNCLE 9/20 COUSIN 7/20


hina - hm

Old Logs

11 July: Joined Colors. Received Monocle11, Oranges09, DressUp12, Taijutsu05, Kiseru02, Cherry12, Kid01 and Kid19 for joining.
18 July: Obtained Kid03/06/11 from Aru, obtained 3 signature cards, won Silent08 and Deer03 in Guess the Color 52, won StrayCat15 and Guts12 in Host Club Giveaway 27. Obtained Innocent18 and Sensible07 for updating the card post, traded Sensible07 to Wolfie_ for Kid17. Obtained Cuarta08, Lieutenant07, Armor14 and Sympathy08/09 from Aru. Won Chartreux20 in Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 49, traded Deer03 to 00zags for Lieutenant15.
19 July: Won Pendulum12, Estonia08, Wait02 and Zanza17 in Pick a Color 26, obtained Sympathy01/03/06/07/10 from Recycled Art, traded Silent08 to moon_wolfwriter for Sympathy14.
22 July: Took Clock19, 3moles14, Nindou12, April17, Snacks17, Exorcise20, Submit01, Break20, Microbes19 from the July release. Traded Break20 to Antagonists for Steak05. Gave Aru Clock19 and Microbes19, traded 3moles14 and Nindou12 to conversated for Kid18 and Sympathy02. Traded April17 and Exorcise20 to nonchatte for Cuarta15 and Sympathy04.
24 July: Traded signatures with Aru and Ouji_Tan, won Monta04 and Heian09 in Pokeradar50.
31 July:Traded Snacks17 to staticphrase for Kid09, traded Submit02 to Raven for Kid02. Won Renegade14 and Lumberjack18 in Host Club Giveaway 28, won Tenshi03 and Funeral04 in Guess the Color - 53.

01 August: Obtained Innocent20 from Aru, won Admired08 in Art Lesson with Rukia 60! Special!.
02 August: Won Nyo17, High Jump02 and Extreme06 in Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 51. Won Ciaossu08 and Idol11 in Conan's Clues 53.
03 August: Traded Straycat14 to stopping for Sympathy11.
04 August: Obtained Backlace02, Earth15 and Oni05 for Donating a deck - Acrophobia.
05 August: Won Verbose01 and Southitaly04 in Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 49. Took Sympathy15/17/18/20 and Sadist08 from Recycled Art.
06 August: Took Tuna10, Menace13, Burst13, Mortician08, Unwavering06, Worst06, Pliskin02, Luckystars05 and Faintattack11 from the August realese. Traded Unwavering06 to hushlust for Sympathy13. Traded Worst06 to fatachimaru for Sympathy15. Traded Pliskin02 to victorisham for Cuarta03. Traded Faintattack11 to kupwark for Armor20. Gifted Idol11 to Raven. Gifted Sadist08 to Aru. Traded Burst13 and Menace13 to zags00 for Kid07 and Sympathy20. Won Ducati11, Protect17, Police17, Bokken09 and red crayon in Beauty Pageant 31.
07 August: Traded Tuna10 to Aru for Acrophobia01. Traded Luckystars05 to Raven for Acrophobia02.
08 August: Got Castle01, Wayward17 and blue crayon for completing a sketchpad. Won Child09, Eyes09, Cetra01, Guts10 and Rosary14 in Crosswords 28. Got Popular15 from Aru. Won Ae86 in Miria and Isaac's costume Party 52. Got Acrophobia20 from Aru.
09 August: Used Protect17 in Crazy Colors 42.
10 August: Won Heiress09 and Ramen16 in Crazy Colors 42. Won Chimera02 and Tartarus13 in Host Club Giveaway 29.
12 August: Traded Police17 and SouthItaly04 to animepan for Innocent01 and Sympathy19.
15 August: Won Mischief19, Average20 and Fishanima12 in Reading Between the Lines 31. Won Fireball15, Heroine10 and Memories08 in Ryoga's Directions 28. Won Psychic14 and Revenge01 in Pick a color 27. Won Eyepatch16, Curepeach03 and Bsaa09 in Kanji's Quilting 02. Won Impressions02 and Ousaka09 in Art Lesson with Rukia 62. Took Popular11, Zura02/09/13/16 from Recycled Art.
17 August: Won Servant19 and Detached09 in Spare Parts 48. Used Cetra01 in Crazy Colors 44. Won Tomboy06, Kyuudou14 and Bandages03 in Crazy Colors 44. Got Acrophobia05 from umi_mizuno. Gifted Zura02/09/13 to Aru.
19 August: Won Stern11, Acepilot17 and Blackcat06 in Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 51! Special. Traded Backlace02 to dropsofviolet for Castle12. Gifted Tartarus13 to Raven. Won Thief20 and Protect01 in Conan's Clues 55.
21 August: Won Theatrical06, Amiable11, Capture15 and Sunshine10. Took Titania01/03/05/08 and Castle11. Won Godknows15 and Glasses09 in Pokeradar 54.
22 August: Gifted Titania01/03/05/08 to Kemono. Got Popular13 from Kemono.
26 August: Won Genius01 and Summoner06 in Conan;s Clues 56. Won Viola01, Pipe19 and Capture11. Won Tenseiga14 and Omega11 in Host Club Giveaway 30. Won Manipulate02, Gentle04, Cinderella20, Bread08, Twentyone18 in Crosswords29. Won Halberd11 in Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 54. Gifted Zura16 to Aru. Got Kaminomimi06 from Aru. Traded Fireball15, Heroine10 and Stern11 to Aru for Sympathy05/12/16.
27 August: Won Fan08 and Shattered06 in Guess the Color 58. Traded Kaminomimi06 to Ouji-tan for Popular02.
28 August: Traded Tomboy06 to futachimaru for Lieutenant14. Won Kiyohime02, Paradox13 and Northitaly04 in Scapbook21. Got Cuara12 and Popular09 from baredick.
29 August: Mastered Sympathy. Got Acrophobia14, Mako09, Trance18 and a gray crayon for mastering Sympathy. Won Reliability16 and Heal16 in Spare Parts 50.
30 August: Won Across15 and Rise18 in Pick a Color 29. Won Destiny16, Phoenix05 and Mysteria08 in Quilting03. Won Honest07 and Yakuza15 in Art Lessons with Rukia. Took Castle07/08/14/18 and Cuarta16 from Recycled Art. Traded Heian05, Mischief19, Servant19 and Wayward17 for Kid03/05/10 and Popular07. Won Neptune09, Princess16 and a green crayon in Pokemon Radar 55 special.

1 September: Won Silent12 and Hyakkiyakou09 in Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 53.
5 September: Won Abel07 and Ptrd-4111 in Guess the Color 59. Won Runner11 and Immigrant19 in Conan's clues 57. Won Youcopy02 and Flower05 in Poke Radar 56. Got Salamander02, Powder08, Acrophobia16 and a red crayon for leveling.
7 September:Won Switzerland19 and Drugs14 in Art Lessons with Rukia 65. Traded Detached09 to mongoosehwrs for Armor02. Traded Guts12 to wolfie for Armor04. Took Madao11, Luck06, Rat06, Windflower19, Banana18, Unchanging16, Ultima13 and Nekomimi16 from September realese. Traded Rat06 and Wildflower19 to Ouji for Cuarta18 and Cuarta19. Traded Ultima13 to Raven for Acrophobia19. Traded Banana18 to Chuu for Cuarta01.
8 September:Gifted Luck06 to multitasks. Got a blue crayon from multitasks.
9 September: Got Cat11 and Illusions18 for referral. Won Pure14, Homophobe06 and Turkey01 in Reading Between The Lines 33. Traded Salamander02 to Kemono for Acrophobia08. Traded Unchanging16 and Silent12 to Moon for Cuarta10 and Castle17.
10 September: Took Cuarta01/02/05/06/07/13 from Recycled Art. Got Cuarta16 and Cuarta17 from Kemono.
11 September: Traded Cherry12 to yamanaika for Salamander03. Traded Turkey01 to roax for Anwser04. Traded Fishanima12 to Lucathia for Salamander13. Traded Estonia08, Psychic14 and Tenseiga14 to Tari for Casle06, Titania02 and Titania16. Traded Chimera02 to Arianne for Salamander10. Traded Reliability16 to Crystal for Anwser07. Won Spider01 and Pegasus11 in Host Club Giveaway 31. Won Jupiter07, Balut03, Emperor12, Rush09 and Wine13 in Spare Parts51. Traded Eyepatch16 to Origami for Cuarta09. Traded Switzerland19 to Pam for Popular08. Traded Mako09 to Wolfie for Salamander09. Traded Runner11 to Lita for Castle15. Traded Spider01 to Hitomi for 1stchild06.
12 September: Traded Honest07 to Wing for Orpheus10. Traded Princess16 to Moon for Castle20. Traded Genius01 and Glasses09 to Jas for Castle04 and Titania04. Traded Child09 to Chuu for Salamander12. Traded Rise18 to Tress for Loveless12. Traded Kid03 to Umi for Firetruck19. Traded Zanza17 to Dove for Titania18. Traded Shattered06 to Kristi for Titania06. Traded Loveless12 and 1stchild06 to Raven for Popular03 and Cuarta04.
13 September: Won Oblivion13, Captain02, Lie17, Belive05 and Master11 in Pick a Color 30. Traded Illusions18 to Ouji for Lieutenant04. Traded Revenge01 to Chikky for Answer09. Traded Cuarta01 to Makoto for Castle19. Traded Omega11 to Lex for Lieutenant01. Traded Armor06 to Nuge for Kiseru02. Traded Madao11 and Firetruck19 to Aru for Acrophobia17 and Acrophobia18.
14 September: Won Afro06, Nishi02 Hyakka15 in Miria and Isaac's Costume Party. Got Titania02 from WD.
15 September: Took Castle02 and Castle13 from Recycled Art. Traded Orpheus10 and Gentle04 to Curry for Cuarta14 and Titania11.
16 September: Traded Believe05 to Remus for Armor11. Won Beli01 and Control05 in Guess the Color 61.
17 September: Won Heybo16 and Uu17 in Spare Parts 53. Became Trading Buddies with Kemono. Used Heybo16 in Izaya's Information Exchange. Traded Heal16 to Vic for 1stchild13.
18 September: Won Ghost12 and Rookie08 in Izaya's Information Exchange 26. Took Answer02, Castle16, Lieutenant10, Mako06, Steiner20 and Stern01/04/16 from Recycled Art. Won Uncle06 and Emperor13 in Conan's Clues 59.
19 September: Won Comrades01 in Pokeradar 58. Traded Titania18 to Kemono for Godknows20.
20 September: Traded Godknows20 to Elpihie for Androphobic17.
23 September: Won Blaster15 in Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 58. Won Namekian14, Pacifist08 and Almighty07 in Reading Between the Lines 34. Won German01 and Eclipse03 in Conan's Clues 60. Traded green crayon in art shop for Cuarta11. Got Northitaly13, Obliged14, Piano18, Ribbon05, Protect15, Netherworld09, yellow crayon and 2 blue crayons for completing 3 skechpads.
24 September: Won Y-ko05, Healer02, Aries05, Twilight17 and Brother10 in Crosswords31. Traded Stern01/16, Steiner20 and Neptune09 to Aru for Androphobic03/08/09/20.
26 September: Won Unwavering20 and Imperial08 in Poke Radar 59. Won Sirix11 and Magatama03 in Art Lessons With Rukia 68.
28 September: Traded Mako06 to Wolfie for Kid16. Won Jintan13 in Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 59. Won Violence03 in Spare Parts 54. Won Knowledge05 and Torture17 in Host Club Giveaway 32. Won Dearbaby18, Adore03 and Strength08 in Kanji's Quilting 5. Won Bandages03 in Pick a Color 31. Took Armor10/16 and Idol05/09/11/15/16/19 from Recycled Art. Won Bear14 in Go Fish 66. Got Androphobic07 from Curry.
29 September: Used Bandages03 and Chartreux20 in Lottery13.
30 September: Used Protect01 in Swich it up 35 to get Lieutenant19. Took Beautiful06 and Clothespeg02 from September Release as last two cards. Traded Clothespeg02 to Origami for Innocent13. Traded Beautiful06 to John for Acrophobia16. Traded Average20 to Lita for Armor09.

1 October: Mastered Cuarta. Got Zombie16, Adepts20, Kid04 and a gray crayon for mastering Cuarta. Traded Goggles16 to Pam for Otoko08. Traded Brushgods08 to Aniki for Otoko12. Got Blueeyes04, Spoiled12, Kid08 and a purple crayon for leveling on yellow.
2 October: Won Bear15 and Doctor10 in Lottery13. Got Sablier08, Balance17 and a purple crayon for completing sketchpad. Traded Adore03 and Glass07 to Tari for Otoko20 and Bigsister15. Traded Thief20 to Aby for Innocent07. Traded Adepts20 to Elphie for Otoko01.
4 October: Traded 1stchild13 and Answer02 to Raven for Illusions15 and Androphobic02. Traded Illusions15 to Ouji for Fortune01. Traded Comrades01 and Knowledge05 to Pam for Innocent11 and Feiris09. Traded Magatama03 and Umibozu07 to Wolfie for Acrophobia12 and Drei10.
5 October:Traded Namekian14 and Pacifist08 to Moon for Androphobic16 and Bigsister05. Got for Excalibur08, Neptune03, Misfortune11 and a purple crayon for donating the Fuhrer deck. Got Phoenix19, Osaka20, Ogredemon05 and a brown crayon for donating the Admiral deck. Traded Answer04 to Raven for Exsphere11. Traded Exsphere11 to Chikky for Castle09.
6 October: Gifted Oblivion13 to Aru. Traded Salamander03/07/09/10/12 to Kemono for Armor15, Popular20 and Fortune08/09/11.
7 October: Took Badminton10, Archadia11, Private10, Savate06, Heartbreak19, Lancecorp12 and Razorleaf19 from October Realese. Traded Razorleaf19 to Moon for Popular06. Tradded Private10 to Allmia for Androphobic04. Traded Jupiter07 to Kristi for Salamander06. Gifted Rosary14 to Kristi. Traded Answer07 to Raven for Feiris20. Traded Savate06 to Lain for Feiris. Gifted Heartbreak19 to Curry. Traded Answer09, Archadia11 and Stern04 to Raven for Feiris02, Kid15 and Brave14. Got Nichirin05 from Raven. Won Birthplace17, Pinkpearl20 and Silhouettes04. Won Desu02 in Guess the Color 64.
8 October: Won Milk03, Mushi16, Tuxedo16, Doctor04 and Occult15. Won Luckystars09, Cannon03 and Ayesir12 in Reading Between The Lines 35. Traded Prince08 and my signature to Chuu for Androphobic14 and her signature.
9 October: Traded Lancecorp12 to Elphie for Innocent10. Traded Withdrawn13 to Meghan for Acrophobia03.
10 October: Took Bigsister12, Cain05/06, Drei12/14, Fortune20, Manikatti03/11 from Recycled Art. Won Mafiaboss09 in Pick a Color 32. Won Akabari06, Ero-cook11, Admiral18 in Quilting 6.
13 October: Traded Curepeach03, Lumberjack18 and Imperial08 to Eri for Idol02/18 and Raison12. Gifted Raison12 to Curry. Traded Mysteria08, Oranges09 and Trance18 to Kikai for Armor01/07 and Androphobic15. Got Bicycle01/02 from Aru. Traded Akabari06 to Elphie for Bicycle04. Won Fighter09 in Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 61.
14 October: Won Galaxy01, Martillo04, Alien20, Sadist14 and Hiwa09 in Graffiti 32. Won Macaroon11, Knightmare02, Snail20 and Perm05 in Beauty Peagent 34. Gifted Badminton10, Neptune03 and Perm05 to Aru. Traded Ousaka09 and Silhouettes04 to Aru for Bonds03, Dragon05. Got Foxhound09 from Aru.
15 October: Traded Sympathy20 to RaiYei for Salamander14. Traded Milk03 to Lucathia for Deny06.
16 October: Used Bowwow08 in Izaya's Information Exchange28.
17 October: Got Tuna 19 and Hello08 in Izaya's Information exchange 28. Got Paint13, Debonair10, Acrophobia04 and a purple crayon for reaching green level. Took Scientist07, Sew01/06/14 and Takoyaki07/12/17/20 from Recycled Art.
19 October: Won Vest09 in Art Lessons With Rukia 71. Gifted Deny06 to Curry.
23 October: Traded Cure01 and Ogredemon05 to Aru for Ore-sama12/14. Traded Ore-sama12/14 to Dara for Gergo03 and Free13. Won Lipstick11, Tactician02 and Shy14 in Reading Between The Lines 36. Won Gamble04 and Kagutsuchi03 in Conan's Clues 64.
24 October: Took Sew02/03/04/05/08/09/11/12 from Recycled Art
25 October: Took Obsessed14 from October Release as O card. Traded Obsessed14, Shy14 and Taijutsu05 to Moon for Castle05, Taijutsu13 and Dattebayo06. Won Average20, Fog19 and Chivalry05 in Pick a Color 33. Won Runner02, Knightmare03 and Sadako11 in Quilting 07.
27 October: Traded Tenshi03 to Zags for Novel09. Used Bandages03, Fortune01/09, Pendulum12 and Titania02 in Lottery 14.
29 October: Won Feiris04 in Go Fish 68. Got Androphobic19 from Aru. Won Wildflower03 and Yggdrasil08 in Pokeradar 63.
30 October: Got Tenseiga11, Hanjyuu05, Pigtail18 and a gray crayon for donating a deck - Kijin. Donated Free13 and Takoyaki07/12/17/20 to Asobot Initiative. Took Ally04 from October release. Won Honoo11 and Laevatein12 in Izaya's Information Exchange 29.
31 October: Got Caduceus07, Nun05, Detached07 and a purple crayon for donating a deck - skirt. Traded Tuxedo16 to Arianne for Bicycle08. Traded Luckystars09 to Ravn for Zero04. Used: Knightmare02, Zero04, Bonds03, Brave14, Dragon05, Nichirin05, Balance17, Dattebayo06, Taijutsu05, Foxhound09 and Novel09 in Pot of Gold 14.

1 November: Traded Protect15 to Destiny for Bicycle05. Traded Titania02/04 to Kemono for Abel02/05. Took Council03/05/09/10/11/12, Rival15 and Trainer01 from Recycled Art. Won Illusions01 and Fiancee18 in Pokeradar 64.
3 November: Traded Mushi16 to Elphie for Acrophobia10.
5 November: Won Corporal06 and Peacock11 in Guess the Color 68. Won Hope17 and Coach09 in Conan's Clues 66. Got Hungary18, Blues12, Yukiatsu13, Germany06, Motorcycle14, Ignition13, Sia13, Fabulous16, a red, green, blue and a yellow crayon for completing 4 sketchpads. Won Loyal02, Frail14, Uguu07, Demon03, Menma02, Tuxedo04 and a gray crayon in Lottery 14.
6 November: Got Lolishota04, Classical17, Disaster17, Tears17 and a gray crayon for donating an art. Traded Corporal06 to Elphie for Master14. Took Fork10, Bikes03, Clear17, Cousin08, Fantasia12 and Acrophobia11 as 11 card from November release. Got Artemis16, Camera01, Meganes07 and a brown crayon for birthday :D Gifted Ally04 and Fork10 to Skie. Traded Bikes03 to Hitomi for Innocent06. Traded Titania16 to Kemono for Boxer02. Traded Twilight17 to Chuu for Sew18.
7 November: Traded Nun05 to Ouji for Bicycle17. Traded Nishi02 and Tuna19 to Tari for Sew10/19.
8 November: Took Council14/15/17/18 and Sew13/15/16/20 from Recycled Art. Traded Fantasia12 to Aru for Sew17. Won an orange and a gray crayon at Pick a Color 34.
11 November: Traded Clear18 to Aby for Androphobic01.
17 November: Took Cabbage02/03, Council19, Klarerwind08/20, Messiah19 and Revenge14/19 from Recycled Art. Won Greifseed09 and Pendulum19 at Art Lessons with Rukia 75. Won Mysteria11 and Understand09 Izaya's Information Exchange 29. Won Libra06 and Nyanperona16 in Host Club Giveaway 33. Won Twentyone03 and Jealousy08 in Host Club Giveaway 34. Won Wolfbeil08 and Crow16 in Guess the Color 69. Won Curator13 and Suna-suna16 in Spare Parts 56. Won Amnesiac07, Badluck02 and Blizzard14 in Reading Between The Lines 38. Donated Abel02/05 to Asobot Initiative. Got Lieutenant02, Schert02, Castle03 and a brown crayon for reaching new level - blue. Won Skyking02, Bikes14, Kyotouryuu08, Bonds11, Wine17, Suave12, Durandal03, Moe12, Admiral07, Cousin19, Monster05, Fan07, Shadow16, Saturn08, Dullahan20, Sushi14, Defense12, Demure07, Fade15, Body11, Ophiuchus16, Sirix18, Snake05, an orange, a gray, a blue, a brown crayon and grand prize (+1card mastery rewards) in Pot of Gold 14.
18 November: Traded Klarerwind08/20 to Tari for Council06 and Feiris01. Traded Pegasus11 to Origami for Innocent02.
19 November: Traded Blues12 and Runner02 to Aru for Otoko09/18. Got Bicycle12 from Aru as a gift. Won Eccentric07 and Herbs01 in Conan's Clues 67. Won Onigiri15, Amahara06 and Worry20 in Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 66. Traded Hanjyuu05 to Rachel for Innocent04.
20 November: Traded Ophiuchus16 to Cassidy for Acrophobia06. Won Halloween06 in Conan's Clues 68. Traded Ayesir12, Chivalry05, Master13 and Salamander06 to Kemono for Council20, Messiah08/15 and Steak14. Gifted Salamander13/14 and Titania06/11 to Kemono.
21 November: Got Sealand16 from Kemono as a gift.
25 November: Won Anchor17 and Immigrant18 in Poke Radar 67. Got Storm16, Powder05 and an orange crayon for completing a sketchpad. Took Answer01 and Cabbage05/07/12/13/15/16/19 from Recycled Art. Took Answer04/07/18 and Revenge01/03/08/10/11 from Recycled Art. Won Babylon15 and Padlock05 in Art Lessons With Rukia 76. Won Wine01, Homicidal16, Whiteclown01, Defense17 and Perfect14 in Graffiti 34. Won Intelligent06, Shattered09, Pulse-3, Tuxedo11 and Timberowl19 in Graffiti 35. Won Nii-nii05 and Risotto11 in Spare Parts 57. Won Tuxedo03, Intelligent16, Reality15, Spaz15 and a yellow crayon in Beauty Pageant 38. Got 2 red crayons from Pam as gifts.
30 November: Traded Inteligent06, Intelligent16, lLlishota04 and Nyanperona16 to Ouji for Bicycle18, Cousin07, Oracle02 and R-Traps07. Traded Vest09 to Atu for Sew07. Got Popular16 from Aru as a gift. Won Toyboat08 and Offense17 in Art Lessons with Rukia. Won Music15, Hyper03 and Aura07 in Scrapbook 26. Received whole Fortune deck from Asobot Initiative. Traded Bokken09 to Lain for Androphobic06.

1 December: Won Fire10 and Sunshine20 in Pick a Color 35. Won Break11, Mitsuzen10 and After05 in Quilting 9. Used Abel07, Afro06, Cinderella20, Pipe19 and Trainer01 in Lottery 15. Won Paternal13 and Writer05 n Host Club Giveaway 35. Bought Acrophobia07/09/13/15 and Kid12/13/14/20 in Glorious Green for 8 red, 8 green and 8 blue candies. Mastered Fortune. Mastered Sew. Mastered Castle. Mastered Kid. Mastered Acrophobia. Got Tauburn10, Lorikeet09, Shattered17, Otoko05, Pyrokinesis09, Bloodshot04, Names08, Romaantiqua10, Fullmoon04, Hadome02, Uncute19, Busted05, Itadakimasu06, Data01, Maid15, Feiris03/05/06/07/08, a red, 2 orange, a yellow and a gray crayon for mastering Fortune, Sew, Castle, Kid and Acrophobia.
2 December: Won Headband20 and Kiyohime06 in Poke Radar 68. Won Caelin06, Tiny11 and Tune06 in Reading Between The Lines 39. Got Hakubaiko16, Chivalry05, Castle10 and a yellow crayon for reaching new level - purple.
3 December: Took Rouge19 from November Release.
4 December: Won Unlucky02, Prodigy20 and Fragile18. Got Heian04, Soup02 and a brown crayon for completing a sketchpad. Traded Amnesiac07, Data01 and Doctor04/10 to Zags for Drugs20, Luckystars11, Messiah02 and Revenge16. Gifted Luckystars11 to Raven.
5 December: Traded Onigiri15 to Kearin for Bicycle13. Won Bloody16 in Advent Calendar 3. Got Blackknight01, Senbon08, Siva19 and a gray crayon for donating a deck - Diligent. Got Bangle04, Meramera15, First18 and a yellow crayon for donating a deck - Rash.
7 December: Took Diligent12, Minus10, Aristocratic07, Hostess05, Slap08, Driving05, Telepathy04, Beastman03 and Blue11/16 from December release. Traded Beastman03 to Ouji for Diligent09. Traded Minus10 to Lita for Diligent02. Traded Sealand16 to Sylwia for Dilugent14. Traded Babylon15 to Lain for Diligent18. Traded Rouge19 to Angela for Diligent15. Traded Yukiatsu13 and Telpathy14 to Emma for Diligent08 and Revenge05. Traded Aristocratic07 to Raven for Diligent03. Traded Driving05 to Hitomi for Diligent06. Took Diligent01 from Advent Calendar day 1. Took Boxer19, Cabbage18, Lieutenant17, Oracle08/14/16 and Revenge18/20. Traded Violence03 to Sylwia for Answer08. Traded Nii-ii05 to Aletha for Lieutenant08. Traded Break11 to Nuge for Bicycle16. Traded Risotto11 and Sushi14 for Celestial13/17. Won Thorn04 and Lasciviuous01 in Advent Calendar day 3. Traded Slap08 to Mara for Diligent05. Traded Hostess05 to Aru for Diligent04. Traded Blizzard14 to Nomi for Diligent20.
8 December: Won Precise10, Warrior19 and Lemonade17 in Yui's Music Station 65. Gifted Eccentric07 to Curry.
10 December: Won Misandry18 and Osaka04 in Guess The Color 73. Got Fashion12, Bokken13 and a purple crayon for completing a sketchpad. Took Hero08/09/15/18, Junes18, Oracle11/20 and Orpheus15 from Recycled Art.
11 December: Traded Celestial3/17 to Kemono for Diligent13/16. Got Diligent19 from Kemono as a gift. Won Flame08, Chat14, Duck01, Omega12, Wisewolf10, Sommelier11, Nyan15, Clear11 and a gray crayon in Lottery 15.
13 December: Won Shannaro12 and Skateboard04 in Pick a Color 36. Traded Halloween06 to Origami for Council01.
15 December:Gifted Powder05/08 to Seichi.
16 December: Won Jewel18 and Necromancer12 in Host Club Giveaway 36. Won Immature11, Shades03 and Food11 in Seiyuu Geuss 69. Won Blackrose02, Ussocom01, Fire15 and Silhouettes08 in Conan's Clues 70. Won Blackharu10, Spot06 and Demon08 in Pokeradar 70. Traded Desu02, Zombie16 and Admiral07/18 to Chuu for Hyper19, Hypnosis13/18 and Idol01. Traded Tune06 for Messiah09 to Aru. Got Diligent11 from Skie as a gift.
19 December: Took Fullmetal05/13/18, Hyper07/08 and Hypnosis04/08/17 from Recycled Art. Won Heroine10, Clowndrop04 and Messiah11 in Ryoga's Directions 37. Won Trance15 and Doctor03 in Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 68. Won Graywolf13, Simulation20, Sign15 and Ramble08 in Reading Between The Lines 40. Traded Almighty07 and Griefseed09 to Skie for Caution07/19.
20 December: Traded Sign15 to Aru for Cousin18.
23 December: Traded Blue11 to Lazuli for Diligent10. Won Redeyes05 and Matriarch05 in Pokeradar 71. Got Diligent07 and Blueeyes02 in Advent Calendar Day 4. Got Feiris15 in Advent Calendar Day 5. Got Feiris1 and Cabbage09 in Advent Calendar Day 6. Got Cabbage04 in Advent Calendar Day 7. Got Council02 and Hypnosis02 in Advent Calendar Day 10. Got Idol04 in Advent Calendar Day 11. Got Popular12 and Idol12. Got Titania13 in Advent Calendar Day 15. Got Kitten04 in Advent Calendar Day 16. Got Armor18 in Advent Calendar Day 18. Got Idol08 in Advent Calendar Day 20. Got Hypnosis20 in Advent Calendar Day 21. Got Bicycle20 in Advent Calendar Day 22.
27 December: Traded Blueeyes02/04 to Raven for Caution11 and Idol20. Gifted Kitten04 to Raven. Won Perception18, Shakugan15 and Elemental11 in Advent Calendar Day 9. Won Detective20 in Miria and Isaac's Costume Party. Took Doctor05/08/20, Fullmetal04 and Memorized01/06/13/20 from Recycled Art. Won Ragnell02, Seychelles05, Flameking05 and Tease13. Won two purple crayons in Advent Calendar Day 14. Got Gaebolg12, Sohcahtoa07, Idol03 and a gray crayon for reaching a new level - brown.
28 December: Bought Popular01/04/05/14, Idol13/14 and Androphobic15 in Glorious Green for 8 red, 5 orange, 5 purple and 3 gray candies. Bought 7 Raffle Entries in Brown Break for 1 purple, 3 brown and 3 gray candies. Traded Homocidal16 to Moon for Council07.
29 December: Won Onmyouji09 and Knit12 in Host Club Giveaway 37. Won Paternal07, Sweet15 and Tamer09 in Seiyuu Guess 71. Won Taurus17 in Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 72. Got Caution16 and Diligent17 from Seichi as a gift.
30 December: Won Daisy09, Pluto11 and Gentle16 in Guess The Color 76. Mastered Diligent. Mastered a Double Deck - Diligent & Acrophobia. Got Lancecorp02, Patch14, Idol06 and a brown crayon for mastering Diligent. Got Armor05 in Advent Calendar Day 24. Got Androphobic05, Armor17, Idol10 and Feiris11 in Advent Calendar Day 25. Got Arcana02 in Advent Calendar Day 2. Got Tackle02 in Advent Calendar Day 22.
31 December: Took Abel09/10, Answer17, Free03, Lieutenant09, Revenge04/06 and Ribbon07 from Recycled Art. Traded Ae8617, Bandages02, Bear14/15, Captain03, Hope17, Jeaslousy08, Occult15 and Rival15 to Nuge for Doctor02/09/15/18, Junes18, Steak03 and Television01/18/19. Got Elemental10, Whirlwind19 and a brown crayon for completing a sketchpad. Traded 2 orange, 3 purple and 3 gray crayons in Art Shop for Idol07/17, Androphobic12/13/18 and Armor03/08/13. Traded Demon03/08, Sommelier11, Tuxedo03/04/11, Twentyone03/18, Wine01/13/17 and Youcopy02 in Art Studio for Androphobic11, Armor12, Bicycle19 and Feiris10. Traded Precise10 to Hitomi for Innocent12.

1 January: Traded Observe06 and Wildflower03/06 to Remus for Boxer06/09 and Popular10. Got Sweet02, Familiar03, Baldy20 and an orange crayon in Advent Calendar Day 13. Got 1stchild10, Nullify10, Androphobic10 and a purple crayon for reaching a new level - gray.
2 January: Mastered Idol. Mastered Armor. Mastered Androphobic. Mastered Palette Portfolio 01. Got Archery15, Social20, Popular18, Focused16, Secondroom12, Feiris18, Pegasus01, Kunst01, Council16, Adepts19, Abh01, Trailblazero5, Folklore06, a red, a yellow, two purple, a brown and two gray crayons for mastering Idol, Armor, Androphobic and Palette Portfolio 01. Got Peacock10, Sohcahtoa02, Brat19 and a purple crayon for donating a deck - Cockroaches. Got Frail01, Soft01, Baldy05 and an orange crayon for donating a deck - Genma. Used Northitaly04/13 in Izaya's Information Exchange 33. Used Acepilot17, Alien20, Blackcat06, Dressup12 and Ero-cook11 in Lottery 16. Won Bigpuppy20, Loyal17, Slacker15 and Ballerina01 in Izaya's Information Exchange 33.
3 January: Traded Bloodshot04 to Aru for Revenge12.
4 January: Traded Martillo04 to Senren for Bicycle09. Traded Music15 to Zags for Lieutenant05.
5 January: Won Chozo01, Wolf03 and Isshu12. Won Peach03 and Kunst07 in Advent Calendar Day 5. Won Heal15, Zangetsu16, Redeyes08, Empathy13, Simutalion11, Heart04, Van18 and Retainer16. Traded Immigrant18/19 and Tackle02 to Aru for Nyan11 and Pistol01/12. Traded Shattered17 to Kristi for Memorized14. Traded Blackharu10 to Ouji for Memorized16. Won Wisewolf09, 1stlt03, Skypirate03, Sparrow04, 3moles03, Trumpet15 and a blue crayon in Lottery 16.
6 January: Took Cockroaches01, Spiral02, Eight01, Bondage04, Tenbuhorin03, Diamonddust06, Heroic03, Avarice02 and Earthquake03 from January Release. Took Feiris12 and Lieutenant20 as 2012 cards.
7 January: Traded Names08 to Mara for Cockroaches18. Traded Bondage04 to Aru for Cockroaches05. Traded Earthquake03 to Raven for Cockroaches10. Traded Bloody16 to Hyu for Cockroaches16. Traded Eight01 to Rachel for Cockroaches04. Traded Netherworld09, Skateboard04 and Fashion12 to Sylwia for Bigpuppy20, Whiterabbit19 and Cockroaches17. Traded Classical17 to Hitomi for Cockroaches15. Traded Tenbuhorin03 to Aby for Cockroaches06. Traded Diamonddust06 to Nerrin for Cockroaches07. Traded Heroic03 to Chikky for Cockroaches02. Traded Monta04 to Sylwia for Destiny12.
8 January: Donated Abel09/10, Free03 and Ribbon05/07 to Asobot Initiative. Traded Shattered09 to Kristi for Cockroaches08. Traded Aries05 to Nerrin for Television05. Traded Jintan13 to Emma for Cockroaches11. Won Doctor17 and Beatjumper05 in Pokeradar 74.
11 January: Traded Spiral02 to Angela for Cockroaches03. Traded Retainer16 and Snake05 to Lain for Hyper01 and Messiah04. Traded Cat11, Lorikeet09, Nyan15, Pegasus01, and Toyboat08 to Rachel for Answer05/15, Boxer12, Hero20, and Isshu13. Traded 3Moles03 to Zags for Pistol09. Traded Joajna20 to Origami for Uncle05. Traded Prodigy20 to Seichi for Flame06.
12 January: Traded Food11 and Social20 to Emma for Isshu20 and Tartarus05.
13 January: Traded Senbon08 to Moon for Answer13. Won Chibimoon17 and Ogredemon13 at Host Club Giveaway 38. Won Colonel12 and Deliquent06 in Guess the Color 77. Won Janken04 and Telepathy06 in Spare Parts 68. Took Cabbage01/20, Council08/13, Pistol14/17 and Revenge02/07 from Recycled Art.
14 January: Traded Silhouettes08 to Rachel for Revenge15.
15 January: Traded Cealin06 to Sylwia for Revenge13. Won Tsukihime18 and Mushroom09 in Conan's Clues 75. Won Kill09, Symmetry15 and Bikes02 in Reading Between The Lines 42. Won Parents02, Matriarch07 and Whiteknight19 in Neku's Music Station 76. Won Stealth16 and Spear02 in Pokeradar 75.
16 January: Traded Fiancee18 to Hitomi for Pistol04. Traded Gretel13 to Risu for Revenge17. Traded a gray crayon to Raven for a red crayon.
17 January: Traded Secondroom12 to Yingyu for Cockroaches12. Traded Shannaro12 and Lascivious01 to Curry for Cat08 and Pistol06.
18 January: Got Cain03 from Raven as a gift. Won Intuition02, Slave19 and Mask16 in Quilting 12.
19 January: Traded Trance15 to Kikai for Hyponosis01. Won Otters05, Hikari13, Homophobe04, Automail20 and Waitress17 in Crosswords36.
20 Januaty: Won Tease10 and Rude02 in Go Fish 77.
21 January: Traded Chibimoon17, Hadome02, Illusions01, Joajna18, Lemonade17, Pluto11, Saturn08 and Shades03 to Origami for Gewehr17, Sukonbu06, Rebirth18, Algorithm18, Marine17, Meimei02, Brat08 and Darkangel04.
22 January: Traded Sadako11 to Skie for Lithuania17.
26 January: Took Answer02/11/19, Oracle09 and Steak04/15/17/18 from Recycled Art. Won Lunatic07, Debt18 and Ninja06 in Yui's Music Station 73. Won Hornet08 and Sohcahtoa16 in Spare Parts 65. Won Innocent11, Taisa20, Protect04 and Billiards06 in Graffiti 39. Won in Whirlwind13, Protect06, Occult04, Osaka04, Pianist05 and Lockedin16 Pot of Gold 16. Won Telepathy18, Hawkeyes15 and Ability08 in Spare Parts 67. Got Border18 and Chozu12 from Advent Calendar Day 23.
27 January: Won Burn16, Reaper07 and a yellow crayon in Host Club Giveaway 39. Traded Brother10 to Lucathia for Hyper02. Traded Zangetsu16 to Chuu for Boxer04. Traded Sohcahtoa02 to Alice for Feiris19. Gifted Sohcahtoa07 to Alice. Traded Billiards06, Hikari13, and Defense17 to John for Doctor14/16 and Fullmetal14. Exchanged Across15, Bonds11, Bsaa09, Coach09, Durandal03, Fire10/15, Leopard03, Master11, Osaka04/20 and Rush09 for Council04, Feiris17, Innocent19 and Popular19 in Art Studio.
29 January: Traded Intuition02 to Pam for Junes07.
31 January: Used Gewehr17, Sukonbu06, Rebirth18, Algorithm18, Marine17, Meimei02, Brat08, Darkangel04, Bigpuppy20, Whiterabbit19, Wisewolf09, Wolf03, Cat08, Nyan11 and Whiterabbit19 in Pot of Gold 17.

3 February: Took Hero01/02/03/05/16/19, Junes04 and Orpheus02 from Recycled Art.
12 February: Traded Average20, Kyotoryuu08, Manipulate02, Obliged14 and Avave12 to Skie for Drugs15, Hero07, Iceblue10, Paopofruit07, and Cockroaches13. Got Bondage13 from Skie as a gift. Traded Bondage13 to Aru for Tartarus03. Got Tartarus10/13 from Aru. Traded Chivalry05 to Lita for Messiah14. Traded Knightmare03 to Laxis for Cockroaches19. Traded Avarice02 to Zags for Cockroaches09. Got Second10, Impulsive20, Xrosheart13, Feiris14 and an orange crayon for reaching new level - strawberry. Traded Lithuania17 to Elphie for Cockroaches14. Traded Osaka04 to Nuge for Cain03. Gifted Cain03 to Raven. Traded Sympathy15 to Eri for Bicycle10. Traded Burn16 and Simulation11/20 to Nuge for Fullmetal11 and Pistol13/19. Took Headbutler01, Defeated03, Boss05, Pluses06, Pluviose06 and Patissier03 from February release. Traded Boss05 to Raven for Headbutler04. Traded Defeated03 to Hitomi for Headbutler03. Traded Patissier03 to Cassidy for Headbutler08.
13 February: Won Frog03, Asset07 and Menma12 in Guess The Color 80. Got Clerk20, Slap18, Nullify12 and a purple crayon for donating a deck - Streamlight. Won Brushgods11, Mechanic06 and Curator05 in Advent Calendar Day 17. Won Godhand15, Assasin07, Rival11 and Over900007 in Izaya's Information Exchange 35.
15 February: Got Odyssey09, Savate03, Flame18, Dynames11 and a green crayon for donating a fanfic - Colors Characters in Pokemon. Got Secondroom03, Mu16, Manba15 and a yellow crayon for donating a deck - Head Butler. Won Gunsmoker02, Paprika01 and Brushgods18 in Quilting 13. Won Wired16, Falchon10 and Engaged07 in Pick a Color 39. Won Sultry10, Tattoo02, Wings12, Windom20, Luna01, Kiseru19, Romeo01, Information02, Ciaossu14, Lacytanga18, Obsession18, Knave16, Pachinko16, Futon06, Pyroqueen09, Lizard14, Energetic03, Tsukihime03, Manikatti05, Steak03, Conquest15, Earring11, Meteor06, Blindfold13, Frigid07, Chat07, Adieu13, Amnesiac11, Liabrary06, Mirage06, Littlepuppy08, a green, a purple, a brown, two gray crayons and a +2 cards for 5 masteries award in Pot of Gold 17. Traded Knave16 to Origami for Television15. Took Drugs01/02/04, Izanagi03/12/18, Steak05 and Television05/09/19 from Recycled Art. Won Nakochi10, Dynames03 and Guardian04 in Neku's Music Station 78. Won Sagittarius01 and Bio-weapon06 in Guess The Color 81. Won Younger01 in Go Fish 80. Won Caring16 and Cain05 in Host Club Giveaway 40. Won Kind09, Director17 and Nindou07 in Seiyuu Guess 77. Won Cruel18, Boss07 and Karaya09 in Reading Between The Lines 44. Won Maou09 and Hadome09 in Guess The Color 82. Won Powder07 and Galaxy09 in Conan's Clues 79. Won University14, Eight09, Jewelwitch20 and Pinkpearl19 in Pick a Color 40. Traded Pluviose06 to Yingyu for Headbutler07. Took Nature17 as a special card from February release. Traded Nature17 to Origami for Headbutler10. Traded Archery15 to Aru for Pistol03. Traded Meteor06 and Paint13 to Nerrin for Junes14 and Tartarus17.
17 February: Took Gnaw05 from February release. Traded Gnaw05 to Aru for Headbutler02. Traded Innocent11 to Zags for Orpheus14. Traded Pluses06 to Rachel for Headbutler06. Traded Artemis16 to Miyako for Hyper11.
18 February: Used Ninja06, Occult04, Skypirate03, Tortue17 and Unwavering20 in Lottery. Won Dreadlocks18, Bon15, Pinkpearl20, Cocteau17, Cavalry19 and Esper05 in Lottery 17. Switched Boss07 in Switch It Up 45 for Headbutler11.
19 February: Traded Dearbaby18 to Rachel for Diligent03. Traded a yellow crayon to Angela for a green crayon. Traded two blue crayos to Aby for two green crayons. Took Streamlight01 from February release. Got Pistol02 as a purple card from February release. Traded Bon15 to Aniki for Hyper04.
20 February: Traded Junes18 and Steak03 to Aru for Otoko03 and Answer20.
22 February: Paid with Admired08, Cain05, Capture11/15, Fighter09, Guts10, Hiwa09, Icelue10, Matriarch05/07, Pinkpearl20, Wolfbeil08 for Streamlight02/03/04/05 in Art Studio. Got Perception10, Lithuania12, Slave11, Kendama01, Rich05, Seventeen08, two brown and a gray crayon for completing 3 sketchpads. Traded 7 yellow, 8 green, 9 purple, 2 brown and 5 gray crayons in Art Shop for Lieutenant 03/06/11-13/16/18, Streamlight06/07/08/09/10/11/12/13, Pistol05/07/08/10/11/15/16/18/20, Cockroaches13/20 and Cabbage06/08/10/11/17.
24 February: Gifted Colonel12 to Noxie.
25 February: Won Keyhole10 and Macaroon18 in Host Club Giveaway 41. Mastered Council. Mastered Revenge. Mastered Popular. Mastered Feiris. Mastered Cabbage. Mastered Cockroaches. Mastered Lieutenant. Mastered Pistol. Mastered Streamlight. Mastered Palette Portfolio 02. Got Firetruck14, Ukraine05, Duck03, Cockroaches19, Streamlight14, Silly12, Uranus09, Godhand10, Anaru11, Streamlight15, Liberate09, Bills02, Strength05, Wildflower03, Streamlight16, Dunksmash03, Lorelei04, Revenge16, Memories11, Streamlight17, Destined07, Slap20, Neshitteru08, Ragnell14, Streamlight18, Rude05, Captain10, Streamlight19, Meteor14, Antisocial10, Streamlight20, First13, Hyakka08, Innocent15, Meteor04, Complex02, Bicycle15, Elegant14, Aries14, Save20, Paradox01, a red, a yellow, two blue, two purple, three brown and four gray crayons for mastering Council, Revenge, Popular, Feiris, Cabbage, Cockroaches, Lieutenant, Pistol, Streamlight and Palette Portfolio 02. Won Spot20 and Music18 in Guess The Color 84. Traded Heiress09 and Manikatti05 to Sylwia for Shinsou09 and Witch11. Traded Border18 to Sylwia for Memorized09. Traded Anaru11 to Emma for Orpheus06.
29 February: Traded Pianist05 to Moon for Oracle05.

October's Pot of Gold
Red Task - done
Orange Task - done
Yellow Task - done
Bonds03 Brave14 Dragon05 Nichirin05
Green Task - done

Balance17, Dattebayo06 and Taijutsu05
Blue Task - done
Purple Task - done
First donation with card obtained here
Second donation with card obtained here
Third donation with card obtained here
Brown Task - done
First trade with Moon
Second trade with Chikky
Third trade with Aru
Fourth trade with Lucathia
Fifth trade with Zags
Gray Task - done
art or fanfiction progress: here
January's Pot of Gold
Red Task - 8 cards, all colors
Orange Task - 3 games correctly
ORENDŻ 1, 2, 3
Yellow Task - master 2 decks
Green Task - 4 animal cards
Blue Task - level up
Purple Task - nyan, cat, color
Brown Task - trades with 30 players (30/30)
Gray Task - fanart/fanfic
GREJ here
February's Pot of Gold
Pairing & friends - DONE
Couple - x - They both are very kind, diligent and truthful and they get along so well so I just think they deserve to find themselves someone really awesome like one another! They're just a perfect match *o*
Friends - & - I think they care about each other alot, but still they're only friends and were never meant to be together. They're just a pair of good friends as good as they are.
Orange Task - 15 trades - done
5 out of 5 primary - Knave16 to Origami for Television15. Pluviose06 to Yingyu for Headbutler07. Paint13 to Nerrin for Junes14. Artemis16 to Miyako for Hyper11. Heiress09 to Sylwia for Shinsou09.
5 out of 5 fruits - Chivalry05 to Lita for Messiah14. Osaka04 to Nuge for Cain03. Boss05 to Raven for Headbutler04. Patissier03 to Cassidy for Headbutler08. Pluses06 to Rachel for Headbutler06.
5 out of 5 precious - Sympathy15 to Eri for Bicycle10. Defeated03 to Hitomi for Headbutler03. Archery15 to Aru for Pistol03. Innocent11 to Zags for Orpheus14. Bon15 to Aniki for Hyper04.
Moon trade - Pianist05 to Moon for Oracle05.
Yellow Task - 3 romantic gifts - DONE
Green Task - complete portfolio - done
Blue Task - Deck donations, donate graphics, gift a card to red/orange player - done
BLU Dorm & Maps; Pickacolor banner; gifted Colonel12 to Noxie
Purple Task - One card from this and first release - done
PERPYL: This release - ; First release -
Brown Task - finish 3 skechpads - done
Gray Task - fanfic - done
GREJ - Pokemon story part 2
30 out of 30 trades thingy:

COLORS LEAGUE: Prince08, Joajna18, Courage19, Inadequate08, Arcana10, Gretel13, One06, Withdrawn13, Shujin10, Brushgods08, a brown and a red crayon for Murasaki Team being first and completing special tasks. Bandages02, Dog20 and Brat09 in Game 1 - Akai. Observe06, Cure01, Catholic12 and Resolute18 in Game 2 - Mikan. Salamander07, Goggles16 and Germany02 in Game 3 - Kou. Mysteria05, Cybele04 and Director12 in Game 4 - Midorin. Wildflower06, Joajna20 and Umibozu07 in Game 5 - Aoi. Survivor16, Guide08, Leopard03 and a purple crayon in Game 6 - Murasaki. Nerd07, Genious05, Ikazuchi16 and Cabbage14 in game 7 - Tobi. Kaleidostar05, Glass07, Bowwow08 in Game 8 - Gin.

Got Red Candies (8) from:
- Akai-san
- Remus
- Lucathia
- Tress
- Eri
- Pam
- Gil
- Chikky

Got Orange Candies (8) from:
- Mikan-tan
- Tonko
- Kearin
- Lazuli
- Lita
- Elisia
- Diasparkle
- John

Got Yellow Candies (6) from:
- Origami
- Ray
- Tsubaki
- Kristi
- Arianne
- Angela

Got Green Candies (8) from:
- Mnemosyne
- Aniki
- Ka-chan
- Kuri
- Midori~n
- Lain
- Miyako
- Indigo

Got Blue Candies (7) from:
- Dara
- Kemono
- Ouji
- Chuu
- Allmia
- Kikai
- Aletha

Got Purple Candies (6) from:
- Murasaki-dono
- Moon
- Nuge
- Dove
- Mara
- Meghan

Got Brown Candies (6) from:
- Crystal
- Shadowy
- Aru
- Aby
- Cassidy
- Elphie

Got Gray Candies (6) from:
- Nomi
- Zweilous
- Risu
- Rachel
- Raven
- Hitomi

Candy trades & gifts: Got 5 red and 1 blue candy from Kemono as gifts :D Traded 3 yellow candies to Angela for 3 red. Gave 3 orange and 3 brown candies to Pam. Bought Acrophobia07/09/13/15 and Kid12/13/14/20 in Glorious Green for 8 red, 8 green and 8 blue candies. Bought Popular01/04/05/14, Idol13/14 and Androphobic15 in Glorious Green for 8 red, 5 orange, 5 purple and 3 gray candies. Bought 7 Raffle Entries in Brown Break for 1 purple, 3 brown and 3 gray candies.
kurisu - let&#39;s do this!


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